Top 10 Things To Do In Israel – April 2014

Chain of Generation

April is the perfect month to visit Israel. Whether you celebrate Passover or Easter; love art, history or sports, Israel has some amazing activities planned for this month:

April 9th and 10th, 2014 – Ramat Hanadiv Wines & Plenty Festival / Ramat Hanadiv
The Ramat Hanadiv Wines & Plenty Festival will feature fine wines from 22 Israeli wineries along with artesian appetizers. There will also be locally grown fruit and vegetable dishes prepared by previous Master Chef contestants. The event is expected to attract 1500 wine lovers.
April 13, 2014 – Palm Sunday Parade / Jerusalem
The annual Palm Sunday Parade brings thousands of Christian pilgrims to the Mount of Olives to recreate Jesus’s entrance into Jerusalem. The procession passes by many important churches as spectators offer blessings and songs from the sidelines. April 13
April 16-20, 2014 – Free Museum Entry / Israel
More than 40 National parks and Israeli museums throughout the country welcome visitors free of charge. These Museums include the Diaspora Museum, Rabin Center, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the National Maritime Museum, Haifa Zoo, the Bible Lands Museum, Jerusalem Botanical Gardens, Begin Center, and the City of David among many others.
April 16-24, 2014 – Holon Design Week / Holon
The fourth annual Holon Design Week gives contemporary Israeli designers a venue to showcase their unique visions related to design and the future of this practical art form. A variety of exhibits, gallery talks and smaller events are planned throughout the week. April 16 -24, 2014.
April 21-22, 2014 – Mimouna/ Israel
Mimouna is a Moroccan festival which begins the night after Passover and lasts 24 hours. It is customary to enjoy traditional sweets with friends and family. Many families will also enjoy a BBQ or picnic to honor this holiday. Public celebrations are held throughout the country while many night clubs in Tel Aviv sometimes host special events.
April 27- April 28, 2014 – Holocaust Remembrance Day / Israel
Israel mourns the loss of the 6 million Jews who were killed during the Holocaust. The country becomes somber, while ceremonies take place in schools and public institutions. A 2 minute siren will sound on the morning of the 28th. It is customary to stop what you are doing and observe a moment of silence.
Daily Western Wall Tunnel Tour / Jerusalem
The Western Wall Tunnel Tour will take you beneath a large portion of the Western Wall. You’ll will see stones, models and actual structures which provide clues as to how the Second Temple was constructed. In addition, these artifacts help explain the history of this area through the eyes of all the great empires that once ruled Jerusalem.

Every Friday “Ah Jerusalem – Musical ” at the Tower of David Museum / Jerusalem
Ah Jerusalem is a musical, whose plot focuses on an American Jewish family who take an unusual vacation to Jerusalem involving time travel. The show is performed in English outside on a stage at the Tower of David, with breathtaking views of Jerusalem’s Old City.
Nightly Tower of David Night Spectacular Show / Jerusalem
The Tower of David Light Show, known as the Night Spectacular, combines the wonders of modern technology, the tumultuous history of Jerusalem and the beauty of the Citadel at the City of David in an unforgettable show intertwining visual and auditory effects.
Daily “Dress Codes” Exhibition at the Israel Museum / Jerusalem
Dress Codes: Revealing the Jewish Wardrobe, is a special exhibit at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem dedicated to the eclectic clothing that Jews from all around the world would wear. Outfits are from the 19th century and onward and include pieces from places such as India, Baghdad and New York.

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