5 Places to Experience Modern Art in Israel

Art Israel

The Israel Museum – Jerusalem
The art section of Israel’s national museum boasts a vast permanent collection, as well as noteworthy temporary exhibits dedicated to international artists. Don’t miss: Robert Indiana’s famous Love sculpture in Hebrew, located outside in the sculpture garden.

Tel Aviv Museum of Art – Tel Aviv
In addition to many pieces from the art movements that flourished during the 20th century, the museum’s permanent collection includes vast numbers of surrealist and abstract art. In 2011, the museum unveiled a 5 story addition dedicated to Israeli Architecture, Photography, and Visual arts. Don’t Miss: the giant mural in the foyer of the main entrance by Roy Lichtenstein; the famous American pop artist created it especially for the Tel Aviv Museum of Art in 1989.

Museum on the Seam – Jerusalem
A provocative socio-political art gallery incorporating sculpture, photography, painting and video with the goal of inviting the viewer to question and deal with uncertainties related too social issues. Each exhibit centers on a specific theme; past example include: man’s relationship with his environment, memory, loneliness, home and capitalism. Don’t miss: the view of the old and new city from the museum’s rooftop.

Florentine Urban Culture [Graffiti] Tour – Tel Aviv
Explore south Tel Aviv’s thriving and diverse street art scene with an experienced guide who will help you decode the writing on the wall. Keep your eyes peeled for eggplants, Theodore Herzl, Lego Men and mystical creatures.

Design Museum – Holon
A Comprehensive museum displaying current Israeli industrial, fashion, textile and jewelry design. The museum has received international acclaim for its exceptional architectural concept. Don’t forget to walk around the exterior of the building and appreciate its unique design and shapes.


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